Madonna - Holiday & Over And Over - ITALY 7" Juke Box issues

Many 7¨single from Italy were released aslo with a center hole for promotional Juke box issues. The Holiday cover is unique to Italy; using the same picture as ´The First Album´ cover. The Over and Over single was only released in Italy with a picture cover and was the last single to be issued from the ´Like a Virgin´LP.
I am missing the vinyl on that one.
Very rare singles issued only in Italy...

Madonna Material Girl Promo Standee U.K 1984

Madonna Material Girl Promo Standee. Very scarce official distributed in the U.K. for the release of Material Girl back in 1984. From my personal Collection.

Madonna Holiday Spain 1983 Maxi Single 45 & Single 7"

Another Hard to find record from Spain. The cover is the same as the US ´Madonna´ LP. This cover design is unique to Spain. I got the Maxi Single vinyl from a Flea market with a very damaged cover but for only 1 Euro a few months back. Luckily I found the cover for sale alone on internet and was able to make a match. A mint copy value is around 150 to 200 Euros. Mine has some wears but still a desired copy.

The Sinlge is not as rare as the maxi version of it but can reach some 80 to 100 Euros. this one is in near mint condition. Aslo exist the Promotional edition, same cover only the recod label mentions promotion not for sale (in Spanish).


Madonna Ardiendo Burning Up 12¨Maxi Single from Spain

Finally!!! I have it... Such a Rarity. The more sought after Spanish Maxi Single of Madonna. Some imperfections but worth it.

Viva Madonna. On my way to Barcelona for the MDNA World Tour 2012. Love my Friends.